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Raspberry PI LCD1602 Add-on

SKU: LCD-IM131227002-05

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Quick Overview

Raspberry PI LCD1602



Raspberry PI LCD1602 Add-on is customized for Raspberry Pi interfaces based on LCD1602 display module. With GPIO’s on Raspberry Pi, it can be used to control the contents to be displayed; with software, it can be used to control the backlight for on and off. Buttons on the module can be used to control cursor location on the screen. In addition, electronic brick interface can bring more expanded functions for the Raspberry Pi.


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Module Type No
Weight 50.00g
Model IM131227002
Board Size 83.8mm X 68.6mm X 1.6mm
Version V1.0
Operation Level Digital 3.3V
Power Supply External 5V

Additional Information

Brand Itead Studio

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