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Prototype Breadboard (400 points)

SKU: BBD-0400-1-03

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Breadboard (400 points)



This is a low cost solder less bread board, which allows for quick experimenting with electronic circuits. There is no soldering involved, so you can easily design and test your circuitand if required, make any necessary changes without even touching a soldering iron. 


Dimension: 84 x 56.5 x 11mm,
Distribution strips: 2, Distribution holes: 100, Terminal strips: 1,
Terminal holes: 300, Aluminum plate thick: 0.4
With paper box or skin packing
Features of WISHBOARD WBU-2XX series:
1. Exquisite color coordinates for easy recognition.
2. Comfortable color to help operator for longer time and to avoid eye fatigue.
3. Body use high class POM plastic steel material to avoid static interference and
insertion hole can stand continuous wear and tear to avoid easy deforming.
4. Allow more application of DIP IC pins insertion.
5. Insertion Range: 20-29AWG(ψ0.3-ψ0.8mm) wire all dip size components


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